About Bubbo

‘Twas seemingly an ordinary night. Most people in the city were sound asleep. The sky was clear. All was alive and well, albeit quiet.

All out of the bubbo-blue, a ginormous blue aurora boreali seared through the dark, cloudless sky. It was, however, not just any aurora. This one in particular signified the abrupt landing of 10 gazillion Little Bubbos, who originally hail from a faraway planet called Bubbo-star.

The Sun rose as usual the next morning. Immediately falling in love with how vibrant this city appeared, Little Bubbo #512 made a conscious decision to remain whilst the rest of them went abode bound. This one curious Little Bubbo has been living off of his primary command center — namely Bubbobar — since.

Interaction with the human race quickly becomes a significant part of Lil’ Bubbo’s everyday city life; he thoroughly enjoys it. It intrigues him immensely to discover an increasing amount of similarities and differences between his own habits and the humans’.

Every day is a brand new day, and there’s still so much to learn! Little Bubbo’s journey shall continue…