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I would affectionately describe Antics as Buttoned Down Disco‘s cheekier, younger brother: jauntily wearing a baseball cap backwards and slouching around with a boom box. Now in its third year, Antics is less well established at Camden landmark KOKO, and therefore doesn’t — as of yet — have a regular slot (although most of their nights tend to fall on the second Saturday of every month).

Collaborative duo DJ Antics (Richard Titchener) and DJ Beatz (Matt Terris) put on a unique show of classic hip hop, R&B breaks and beats, and funk for the bopping crowd, providing a modern sound in contrast to the ornate, red and gold interior of KOKO itself. Crowd-pleasing music is also regularly accompanied by special guests and so it’s worth checking the website for more information.

On the night that I visited, I was lucky enough to see Antics and the band, an unusual collaboration of the usual sound, accompanied by a full live band, complete with singers and a keyboardist. After being sufficiently warmed up, the audience was treated to the live performance, a crowd-pleasing, beat-mashing crescendo to an already great set — the ultimate song definitely being the finishing number: Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Having also seen Antics ft. the band on a previous occasion, I would have to say that the vibe this time wasn’t quite as electric as before and that the set potentially lacked something, although it would be difficult to say specifically what that thing was. In writing this review however, perhaps the difference is that there is a certain magic in seeing the DJs and band perform together for the first time, as it really is a sight to behold.


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Like Buttoned Down, the crowd is a mixed one, drawing in both the tourists that flock to Camden and regulars of the city alike but similarly, they are also a well meaning bunch, looking for booze, dancing and good music. Tickets are best bought in advance from the website, where they are half price (£5) compared to the usual £10 on the door. If this still hasn’t convinced you to grab a ticket however, don’t forget it is also possible to see DJ Antics do his thing at Buttoned Down Disco, where he plays on the top floor. What more excuse do you need?!

Dates for upcoming Antics can be found at Doors open at 10pm and entry is £5 in advance, £7 for members on the door or £10 for non-members.

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