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With the upcoming appearance of many Latin American restaurants, Londoners have acquired an appetite for its celebrated music and dance scenes. Looking for something unique, Thursday night just got more interesting. After a hard week and scheduling conflicts, a couple of girlfriends and I finally decided to have a salsa night. But where can you find food, drinks, and salsa lessons on a Thursday night? The place is Bar Salsa, the Latin American party capital of London.

Arriving a bit early, I decided to roam around. What I found was a lively restaurant. Past the waiting area there were several rooms filled with customers indulging a range of delicious Latin-infused dishes. Straight away from the entrance there is a staircase that leads to a vibrant dance floor and bar. The dance floor was divided, one side consisted of couples lined up (beginners) and the other dancers were staggered (advanced). The ladies who I came with past me, sweating and holding a glass of wine, gestured me to join in on the fun. I placed my wine down and met with the line up.

Located in Charing Cross Road in the West End, Bar Salsa is known as one of the best South American restaurants in London. The ambience brings great Latin vibes and beach bar-esque appearance. The decorations are filled with brightly colored furnishings and vintage Havana Club adverts from Sao Paulo. I would love to spend nights here. The great effort to create this South American atmosphere accounts for a fun culture with an appetizing cuisine and a Latin party attitude. Every night of the week includes salsa, Bachata, and Cali Style Salsa classes that are open for everyone willing.

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Dancing seems so natural at the Salsa Bar. The footwork and hips of the dancers maneuvering throughout the dance floor was so intrinsic, it almost convinced me that it was easy. Pairs twisted and twirled, when I tried it I realized it was anything but easy. For a short hour the group switched partners, learned the basic steps, the cross body and twirls. After the lesson, the floor opened up to all the dancers for night of dancing to several sounds of Bachata, Salsa, and Reggaeton. The people were very welcoming to newcomers, which was very encouraging because of the lack of experience I had. Hesitant in accepting offers to dance, most led me despite my mal-coordination. Slowly I improved until I finally was confident to accept all offers to dance.

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Bar Salsa is a restaurant, bar and club. After 17:00, Salsa is solely for over 18-year-olds and the venue changes to a club that is filled with dancers. These dancers create beautiful movements, which is a sight to see.

If you are interested in dance and music, this is a great place to visit. Left feet and shy people are welcome, it’s a great place to knock back cocktails and slip into your dancing shoes.


Bar Salsa


96 Charing Cross Road
London WC2H 0JG


  1. Bar Salsa is a wonderful and extremely friendly establishment, busy 7 nights a week, yes even on a Sunday
    I used to dance here every night at one point in my 20’s. They have Cross Body style salsa on Mondays and Wednesdays; Monday hosting Ladies Styling classes for dancers wanting technique and correction to advanced levels, Bachata on Tuesdays, Cali Salsa on Thursdays , beginners classes only on Fridays and Saturdays (Friday nights class 7-8.30pm is free) and Cuban salsa on Sundays.

    The bar, restaurant, nightclub, is all under one roof, offering FREE entry before 9pm Monday-Thursday, and Happy Hour 5-8pm every night with 50% discount on cocktails.

    The restaurant is ideal for large parties and birthdays, and they have set menus on Saturdays which makes booking and arranging an event nice and easy. The booths and VIP enclosed room are great as you can keep those tables all night, restaurant tables are eventually moved to make more space for the dancing which continues into the early hours 2am during the week and 3am on the weekends, with live bands and dance performances being a regular occurrence. Halloween , Xmas, Valentines Day and more there are always special events.

    Salsa is for everyone, whether you are sipping on one of their really great cocktails at Happy Hour, or come along to test out your prowess on the dance floor; people are welcoming, and the atmosphere is electric. It is one of the most friendly clubs, and a place where strangers become friends. Many people turn up for the classes alone and after a few weeks you get to know people really quickly.

    During the summer there is a great outside garden space which is also ideal if you are a bad smoker like me
    Salsa is a place for over 18’s but the age group is very mixed from 18 to 90 something, which I feel creates a more friendly atmosphere. People generally wear nice jeans and tops its not about designer clothes and standing around looking good, its all about just having a great time dancing talking learning drinking and eating.

    Salsa is such a unique venue, if you have never been you must go, even if its just to try their cocktails, London would not be as magical if I had not discovered this places and the amazing people who have become my friends from going there.


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