Frequently Asked Questions

Bubbo weighs exactly one Instagram.
Bubbo can teleport around the world at will, and that is just what he does on a daily basis. Cities he frequents include London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo — just to name a few.
At least two. Bubbo speaks English and several dialects of the Bubbo-starian language.
Yes, indeed! “Bubbo” did launch a pop-up coffee shop at one point — primarily for the fun of constant human / social interaction, but also to promote great coffee and the whole culture it entails. Oh, and it was also to learn the ropes of human life in general back when Bubbo was even more clueless about everything.
Sadly we are no longer running a pop-up cafe at the moment. We are still big fans of the independent coffee scene though. For now we will keep exploring good coffee shops in town and present our findings. If we are ever hosting any pop-up shops or events again in the future, rest assured we will announce them straight away!