Hawker House – indoor night market with one more month to go in 2015

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Street Feast’s latest location means that we don’t need to give up street food over the cold, winter months. Admittedly, Canada Water is an unusual destination for a night out but the old warehouse is just a short walk away from the station with connections to the Jubilee line. And with so much indoors to capture your attention you would soon forget that all there is outdoors is a parking lot and a large sports store.

Upon entering the warehouse I was taken aback by the enormous site. Street food vendors filled up both sides, there was a large bar at the back and a floor space filled with communal tables and chairs. And that’s just the half of it. On the other side of the warehouse there’s even more street food vendors and numerous bars specialising in craft beer, whiskey, cocktails, and wine. More comfortable seating can be found on the mezzanine floor but trying to get a seat there will take a lot of patience!

bubbobar london hawker house arepas
Chargrilled Venezuelan cornbread
bubbobar london hawker house flights
Board with your one-way ticket to beverage heaven
bubbobar london hawker house lobster van
Lobster van
bubbobar london hawker house kamms kitchen
When you go right you can’t go wrong
bubbobar london hawker house birds eye
Hawk’s-eye view at Hawker House

I was invited to the preview event by Time Out as part of the Time Out Tastemaker programme. Also in attendance were hundreds of lucky Londoners who entered a ballot for tickets. The party atmosphere was on, the queues were starting to grow and my belly had started to growl so it was time to investigate the food.

There were so many street food vendors and I couldn’t get round all of them so here is just of few of the places that I tried. I snapped at the chance of three sliders for a tenner from Born and Raised. There was a slight problem with all the pizzas that affected the taste — the pizza bread was burnt. So even my favourite amongst them — the pork shoulder and apple with watercress – came with a bitter flavour. I disliked the tomato and mozzarella; it was cold and they could have been more imaginative.

Other vendors were shifting a trio of morsels for a tenner too. Rola Wala offered up tandoori naan sliders topped with grilled chicken, goan roasted beef or grilled paneer. Sadly, I was not a fan, the spice on one of these was so dry I couldn’t taste anything else and I found the naan bread too tough. Busan BBQ’s trio of mini crispy pajeon (Korean pancakes) were the highlights of my night. The soy beef was good enough already but it was the fried chicken and pickle mooli and the spicy pork that knocked my socks off! I wished the pancakes were bigger!

bubbobar london hawker house rola wala
Rola Wala
bubbobar london hawker house busan bbq

Meat Hook put on a display that attracted the meat-lover in me as I stood in the queue longingly staring at the chunks of meat. The grilled beef steak was a bit rare for my liking but their Chimichurri was to die for. Word on the street is that grilled goat and lamb will make an appearance on the menu at some point.

bubbobar london hawker house meat hook
Meat Hook put on a display that got the better of meat lovers

My night ended on a high with Spit & Roast. These guys are regulars at Brockley Market so I was already familiar with their chicken burger with gochujang sauce. Today, they had a new item on the menu and what a special thing it was — succulent roasted pork with spiced apple sauce, coleslaw and a delicious potato salad. These guys had really outdone themselves.

By this time, my stomach had already ballooned two-fold; the Meringue Girls’ desserts that I had been eyeing up all night will have to wait for next time. Hawker House won’t be here for long (every Friday and Saturday until 12th December) so I’ll have to make it back here quick.

bubbobar london hawker house dessert
No room for dessert?
bubbobar london hawker house meringue girls
Save for next time – Meringue Girls

(Photography: Sarah Chu for Bubbobar)


Hawker House

Every Friday and Saturday until 12th December, 2015
Free before 7pm, £3 after


Canada Street
London SE16 2XU


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