Introducing: La Marzocco Linea Mini


La Marzocco have unveiled their newest product: The La Marzocco Linea Mini. As the name suggests, it is a miniature version of the legendary Linea Classic, whose timeless aesthetics are all but unmistakable in the game.

Now, will the legend be passed down to a new generation?

Born from a Classic: daddy Linea and baby Linea
Born from a Classic: daddy Linea and baby Linea

The popularity with the Linea surrounds its excellent durability and classy look through the world of cafes. But as the quality home brewing culture grows stronger by the year, it truly is exciting news that this stunning machine has now been sized down to fit the top of our kitchen counter. Expectedly, this machine will become a hit with coffee aficionados and coffee geeks alike, Bubbobarians included.

La Marzocco isn’t a new face to the UK home market. In 2007 the company launched the GS3, a pre-spec dual-boiler espresso machine that while capable of pulling multiple shots was also much portable. Now the Mini has come to take a wider audience of stay-home coffee lovers by storm, as it costs relatively less than the GS3. In addition to the classic chrome, this machine also comes in black, red, and white.

“La” Specs:

  • Power:
    The Linea Mini comes standard with a 120V 15 amp power requirement.
  • Water Reservoir:
    It has a built-in water reservoir, holding 3.5 liters of water and allowing for a good deal of espresso experimentation before refilling.
  • Dual Boiler:
    The dual boiler system comes with new group technology that allows the machine to achieve the temperature stability and energy efficiency of commercial machines, but in a much smaller footprint.
  • Barista Lights:
    Barista lights turn on when brewing, lighting up the drip tray and allowing you to see the magic of the espresso brewing in action.
  • Dimensions:
    The Linea Mini is just 14 inches wide, making it a great addition to any kitchen without taking up too much counter space.
  • Temperature Adjustment:
    Temperature is adjustable using a stepped adjustment wheel on the side of the machine to dial in the correct temperature for the coffee you are brewing.

What we love about the Mini:

  1. How it stays true to not only the powerfulness but also the minimalistic design of the Classic.
  2. How it has no digital control. As some of you may already know, the Bubbobar family truly appreciate the art of handcrafting amazing coffee with analog tools or machines.
  3. The Classic-inherent steam tip that is fully capable of producing milk texture suitable for a 28-tiered tulip latte art.

To pre-order this beauty in your preferred colour, contact the sales representative from Coffee Omega at

(We thought we would mention that this is NOT a sponsored post.)


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