Book – Chocolate Chip by Jacquiline Perry


“I was remembering a time when my best friend Chocolate Chip had to grow up practically overnight. She had a great loss in her life and had to walk away from so much more.”

Chocolate Chip: An Urban Tale


Chocolate Chip, an urban tale, tells how Lady Bug, her BFF, learned a lot during a time in her life. It was a time when her eyes opened and after a while she discovered the subtle differences between holding a hand and not chaining a spirit.

About the Author

Jacquiline Perry is a mother, grandmother, artist, and youth advocate. She has worked in youth services as a teacher, Childcare administrator, and most recently as a street-worker in Boston, MA, doing gang prevention and intervention. As a teacher and working in Childcare, she developed a passion for reading particularly the fables and fairy tale classics. She wrote Chocolate Chip in homage to the challenges of growing up in an urban environment. The young girl in the book, not unlike Jacquiline, is strong, caring and courageous. She goes on a journey to discover her dream through adversity and challenges. This is the first of the many adventures of Chocolate Chip.


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