Saatchi Gallery picked up London Fashion Week’s heat over 4 sunny days

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London Fashion Week is the exclusive event of the year. Top British brands such as Burberry, Paul Costello, and Issa were in full display for the weeklong event. As a result of these famous brands revealing their new line, this event remains accessible to only fashion industry professionals and those alike. The exclusivity of the affair is part of the glamour to increase the desire to purchase the pieces, yet the regular consumer is unable to access or experience what these brands have to offer. Until now. London Fashion Weekend is the post event of London Fashion Week. Gaining access to top brands from the catwalk is no longer difficult and the everyday consumer is able to purchase products of Fashion Week quality. This event includes not only catwalks from top-brands, but also tips and tricks from beauty experts and talks from fashion industry professionals.

The venue for Fashion Weekend was located within the iconic Saatchi Gallery. Known as the Museum of Contemporary Art for London, it transformed into fashion’s thrilling atmosphere. After entering the gallery the venue provides all consumers the ability to explore all aspects of fashion with an inside look to the fashion industry.

bubbobar london fashion weekend saatchi gallery
Just outside of Saatchi Gallery, where ticket holders lined up to enter the venue. (Photo by Deanna Martinez for Bubbobar)

Catwalk shows included fun pieces from many designers such as Issa, Peter Pilotto, House of Holland, and Christopher Raeburn. Hosted by the very entertaining stylist and journalist, Angela Scanlon, the catwalk shows were not ones to miss. The pieces that were revealed were fun and vibrant, incorporating faux fur from Holland and bright orange outerwear from Raeburn.

bubbobar london fashion weekend catwalk
Issa designer catwalk finale on opening day. (Photo by Kathy Li for Bubbobar)

A large contributor to the catwalk look was from Maybelline New York. Maybelline provided two booths consisting of beauty experts. Consumers were able to acquire beauty tips and makeovers, as well as great prices on new products. Lipsticks from the fall collection, Color Sensational, were being promoted along with the matte nude palette. Maybelline seemed to be a popular purchase among the crowd; the venue was filled with many people holding Maybelline shopping bags.

Booths by Maybelline New York were popular amongst attendees. (Photo by Deanna Martinez for Bubbobar)
Booths by Maybelline New York were popular amongst attendees. (Photo by Deanna Martinez for Bubbobar)

Another perk to Fashion Weekend are the talks, which involved great panel discussions from top designers and industry experts. Many listened in on tips and tricks from Philipp Haug, Henry Holland, and Avigail Collins. The sought-after discussion seemed to be the talk on becoming a blogger, lead by Erica Davis, Naomi Mdudu, and Alexandra Stedman. The room for that panel was packed; many had to stand due to fully occupied seats. But what stole the show was a young child fashion photographer who walked up and down the aisles with his SLR camera, giving everyone a lighthearted laugh.

london fashion weekend panel discussion
Panel discussions drew in large crowds throughout the 4-day event. (Photo by Deanna Martinez for Bubbobar)
london fashion weekend young photographer
Start ’em young — fashion photography knows no age boundaries. (Photo by Deanna Martinez for Bubbobar)

And of course London Fashion Weekend is “fashion’s biggest pop-up.” Pop-up shops in each gallery included must-have pieces from top British and international brands with lower, but not cheap, prices. Every room was buzzing with fashion-loving consumers. The gallery that was always busy was the accessories. Fashionistas lined up to see the jewelry, sunnies, and shoes. Exclusive products that were available to purchase were shirts specifically designed for Fashion Weekend by Henry Holland, and the official limited edition swag bag designed by Mary Katrantzou.

While London Fashion Week is all glitz and glamour, London Fashion Weekend is the place for immersion and experience.

(Kathy L. contributed editing)


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