Mast Brothers: What’s inside?

bubbobar london mast brothers chocolate cover

One of the best chocolate truffles you can get in London is a bit of a secret. You may have heard of Mast Brothers chocolate; it’s a New York based bean to bar chocolate maker started in 2006. Their bars are stocked by some of the best chocolate shops and they are one of the few competitors you can find on the shelves at Paul Young. But did you know that they also make individual chocolate truffles? You might only know this if you have visited their London base in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch. This is the location of their London chocolate making premises — sleek, minimalist shop and café. Well, maybe not quite a café but they sell some chocolate based drinks and there is a small bar with stools to sit at in a corner of the shop. Behind the glass wall taking up the whole width at the back of the shop is the chocolate making area, you can gaze through at the machines churning, conching or whatever it is that makes that wonderful brown stuff. They even have daily tours (for £10, including tasting).

bubbobar london mast brothers chocolate making
Chocolate making at the back of the shop
bubbobar london mast brothers counter
Shop counter
bubbobar london mast brothers chocolate window display
Shop window display

Mast brothers mainly make chocolate bars. There is a wide range, all of which are fabulously displayed in the shop — bars using beans from different growing regions and with different flavourings. However I think the most exciting thing is that they also make chocolate truffles. Well not like any I’ve seen before. They are only made in Redchurch Street and only sold there, not anywhere else in the country. Firstly they look amazing — cubes of dark chocolate (all flavours look the same). If you buy a selection they print out a little sheet with the order of flavours so you can tell which is which. Although I never need this as there is only one flavour I can’t live without. Olive Oil. It is utterly amazing. It is covered in a shell of dark chocolate (as seen in the cover photo) and inside is a softer chocolate truffle with the most incredible olive oil flavour. It is the only dairy free truffle of the selection and maybe this helps intensify the flavour.

bubbobar london mast brothers chocolate truffles
Chocolate truffles

I find myself visiting every so often and I think that once you have tried it you may find that you will do so too.

(Photography: Ilya Fisher for Bubbobar)


Mast Brothers (London)


19 – 29 Redchurch St
London, E2 7DJ


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