[Peturday] Give these fluffies a new home

Bubbobar Peturday London BDCH Cover

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (website) aims to never turn away a dog or cat in need of help, caring for them until their owners or loving new homes can be found, no matter how long it takes. They are determined to create lasting changes for vulnerable animals in our society.

From the moment Battersea welcomed their first stray dog in 1860, they have been placing their animals at the center of everything they do. More than three million animals later, they are still working hard to achieve the vision that every dog and cat should live in a home where they are treated with love, care, and respect.

Battersea currently take care of over 8,000 dogs and cats every year.

This Peturday at Bubbobar, we would like to introduce some cats and dogs who are waiting to be adopted. These ones in particular are on average over 10 years old. It would be nice if they could be re-homed to caring people, and be loved to the moon and back as they age.


Bubbobar Peturday London BDCH Dog Bailey

Bailey may have some years of life behind him, but don’t let his age fool you as this old boy still knows how to play a speedy game of fetch like the younger ones.

He does have a sensitive side to him and has been finding kennel life somewhat stressful. He is therefore looking for a forever home that can give him all the time he needs to settle and can offer understanding.

Bailey is a lovely, friendly boy. He has been good with everyone he met at Battersea and is good with other dogs. He would, however, love to have his humans all to himself so they can play fetch with him until his heart’s content before settling down with him in the evening.

Bailey will simply melt your heart.


Bubbobar Peturday London BDCH Dog Princess

Princess is a very sweet and affectionate older lady who would love a quiet home to settle into.

She can be worried by other dogs so would be best suited in a quiet location, away from high dog-populated areas.

Princess will make a wonderful and loving family pet.


Bubbobar Peturday London BDCH Dog Zack

Zack is a lovely, mature lad who is looking for a somewhere to stretch out and relax.

He is fairly easygoing, and tends to take life in his stride. But he has a feisty side to him too, especially when you get his toys out! He would suit someone who knows Terriers and appreciates their quirky ways.

Zack would love to find a fairly quiet home, with a nice garden for him to sunbathe in! He will make a fantastic walking buddy for those autumn strolls around the park.


Bubbobar Peturday London BDCH Cat Alexander

Alexander was found wandering the streets — it is unknown how long he had been fending for himself. Like many cats he can be wary at first but once he feels safe Alexander is a loving and social boy.

If owners work full-time he would ideally like cat flap access to outside so he can come and go as he pleases. Alexander enjoys sunbathing and watching the world go by.

Alexander is an affectionate and laid-back soul who will be a loving companion once settled and bonded with his new family.


Bubbobar Peturday London BDCH Cat Puss

Puss is a sweet, sensitive girl with a gentle personality.

She is looking for a settled home where she can snuggle up with her humans on the sofa and chill — perhaps after a game of chase the string.

Puss wants a garden to play and sunbathe in.


Bubbobar Peturday London BDCH Cat Silkey

Silkey is a lovely gentle boy, who purrs away when being stroked. He has a shy side to him too.

He is looking for a nice quiet home to relax in and to enjoy attention.

Once settled he will need a garden.

You can also learn more about these fluffies and other ones on Battersea’s website.

(Photos courtesy of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home)


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