Giulio Merea, Owner of The Roasting: “If You Go to Troy, Glory will be Yours.”


How far would you go for your dreams?

If you had to move to a foreign country all by yourself — having to say goodbye to your better half, not knowing when you would be able to see each other next — would you do it?

Giulio Merea did.

When Giulio left Italy for England three years ago, he was uncertain as to what the future would hold for him and girlfriend Gabriela. He was, however, determined to build one — a future for themselves.

Meeting with a huge language barrier, not having any friends to talk to, switching jobs several times for different reasons, feeling isolated…

Those days are well behind Giulio now. His strong will and hard work paid off.

Giulio is currently the proud owner of a successful independent coffee shop in Pimlico, London, where you can still find him working hard seven days a week.

It truly is a happy ending — or rather, happy beginning — for Giulio and Gabriela.

It is a new beginning for us at PIL as well.

With Giulio’s success story, we would like to kick off our Small Business Edition series — featuring fighters who work tirelessly to build not only a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones, but also the fundamental cornerstone of our economy.

(Originally published on People in London)


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