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In our ongoing quest to experience as many independent coffee shops in London as possible, thus far it’s safe to say that all of our finds have opted to serve this popular chocolatey espresso-based heartiness that is Mocha.

The Roasting in Pimlico might be the only “exception”. Wait, we can explain.

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If you attempt to order a Mocha here, owner Giulio and his team would gladly oblige. No questions asked. However, if you are lucky enough, Giulio would go the extra mile by telling you that the correct name for this heavenness should technically be — “Marocchino”.

Giulio is gutsy about this correctness largely because he loves “Moka” for what it really is — a uniquely shaped stovetop pot for homebrew espressos; a cute little tool that is no stranger to coffee aficionados. In fact, Moka pots hold such a crucial place in Giulio’s heart he even incorporated one into the shop’s logo design. We think it turned out pleasantly.

Another reason is more de facto: Giulio is originally from Italy, the birthplace of espresso.

Something similar would happen, had someone tried to order some other adaptive coffee beverage — be it a Flat White, a Cortado, or what have you. Just so we don’t spill all the beans, feel free to find out more for yourself at your next visit.

Modded hand grinder
Modded hand grinder
Lots of other traditional coffee-related decorations can be seen throughout the store. Definitely oldies but goodies.
Lots of other traditional coffee-related decorations can be seen throughout the store. Definitely oldies but goodies.

An Italian who has clocked up over a decade of experience in the coffee industry, Giulio makes it his mission and passion to share every little detail he knows or feels about coffee. It’s what motivates him.

Through our chats, we learned that The Roasting currently gets its roasted coffee beans straight from Italy, which comprise beans originally sourced from seven different regions around the globe. The beans are served on rotation, with the boss’s personal favorite being the South American blend.

We also had the special honor to tour the basement of the shop, which is normally closed off to public access. Not to fret, here’s a little behind-the-scenes “secret” we can share: There is a roomy reserved space that will eventually house an in-store roasting machine someday in the foreseeable future.

That day simply can’t come soon enough. Why? Because 1) That means we will have one additional local roastery from which to buy fresh coffee beans, and 2) The entire neighborhood is going to smell SO good when “the roasting” is literally being put to use in present continuous tense!

Call us biased, Pimlico has truly been unique enough as it is. (Some of you may know that Bubbobar was also “born” in Pimlico as an experimental artisan coffee stall.) But just to name one interesting fact as proof, Pimlico is one of the extremely rare towns where it’s the chain stores that have a hard time surviving, not the independent ones. In the past year or so, we have seen at least one KFC and one Starbucks branch closing up shop, whilst the indies are staying strong. Certainly not something we see very often in the capital, especially not within Zone 1.

We continue to welcome fighters like The Roasting and their unique offerings to keep the town special.

The Roasting

31 Churton St
London SW1V 2LY

If you are interested in reading a bit more about owner Giulio, his story is jointly being featured here.


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