“Tu Can Play” Valentine’s Day Photo Contest

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Bubbobar presents:

“Tu Can Play” Valentine’s Day Photo Contest 2016

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Reasons to get a “Tu Can Play” T-shirt:

  1. Roses are boring. Chocolates are dull. Dump those plain gifts this Valentine’s Day.
  2. One shirt alone may seem “half-hearted,” and yet it’s everything *but* when you wear it together with a partner in crime. Two people wearing matching designs means they get to create a visible heart — great excuse for lovebirds to get snugly close to each other. Or friends, friends have every right to do that too.
  3. These T-shirts won’t wilt like roses or get consumed like chocolates, so they make durable Valentine’s gifts. (As of now, they are unfortunately not made of edible fabrics.)
  4. T-shirt owners are qualified to participate in the photo contest.

bubbobar valentine's tu can play couple

How to play the game:

  1. Buy one shirt for yourself and one for him/her/them.
  2. Form a visible heart with your partner in crime. (You may have to use your imagination a little here.)
  3. Take pictures. Take loads of them.
  4. Enjoy the shindig!


Get your shirts now to make sure they arrive in time for Valentine’s.


How to enter the contest:

  1. Upload your best shot on Instagram.
  2. Credit the models (most likely yourselves), as well as the photographer — you will see why in a bit.
  3. Tag the photo with: #bubbobar and #tucanplay
  4. Cross your fingers until you feel good about your submission.

bubbobar valentine's tu can play prizes fitbits


  • First: Fitbits (not one but TWO of them), and negotiation of modeling & photographer contracts — that’s why it’s important we know who you all are on Instagram.
  • Honorable mentions: Get featured on our digital magazine and throughout our social networks.
  • Prizes may be updated (read: upgraded) periodically so check back often.


Selection criteria:

  • Cuteness
  • Sweetness
  • Level of creativity
  • Photographic quality, e.g. good focus, composition, lighting, etc.



  • February 22, 2016 (Early submissions will “wow” us more)


Who can play at that game again? “Tu” can!


Happy Valentine’s! And have fun posing! ;)


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